61% of pharmacists want MURs scrapped, rather than cap of 400 amended

When asked whether the cap on the number of paid MURs should be amended, 61% – 68 of the 112 respondents to a poll, which ran on the C+D website from May 1-10 – said the service “should be stopped entirely”.

A further 19% said the MUR cap should be removed, while 9% of respondents said the current cap of 400 a year should be raised.

Just 6% of pharmacists and staff responding to C+D’s snapshot poll were in favour of keeping the current cap, while 5% voted to lower it.

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee has said discussions around the future of the MUR service will form part of negotiations for the 2019-20 pharmacy contract, which officially began last month.


Should the cap of the number of paid medicines use reviews be amended?
Yes, it should be removed


Yes, it should be raised


Yes, it should be lowered


No, it should remain at 400 a year


The service should be stopped entirely


Total votes: 112

What’s next for MURs? Read C+D’s analysis on the future of the pharmacy service and pharmacists’ thoughts on whether it should be redesigned, refined or scrapped.

Author: Lorraine Oliver

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